ASIA International Film Week

IRAN 2023


Yashar, the only child of a nomadic family, will get to choose between the dilemma of life and death.

Iran|15:00|Siavosh Zandi Qashqaei

The Witching Hour

It’s midnight and Jiyar is driving in the local route of the factory where he works, when his wife wants him to come home in a video call because she's afraid of wolves howling outside and can't  make it through nights alone anymore . But if Jiyar got back he'd loose his job...

Iran|10:28|Hawar Rahimi


Four years ago, while practicing wrestling, Ibrahim unintentionally made one of his students paralysed and was sent to prison. Now The student's father bailed him out and he is out for a while. He went to his student's house to ask for forgiveness to free himself. They offered him one condition only and that was to kill their crippled son to end the torturing situation. Ibrahim had to choose between saving his life or his student's life.

Iran|14:37|Ali Ahmadi

Woody Allen

To finance his film, Shahrokh starts robbing with friends

Iran|15:00|Atefeh Mowlavi