ASIA International Film Week

IRAN 2022


Eighty-two-year-old Firouzeh is not afraid of hard work. From dawn to dusk, the fiercely independent herder takes care of her beloved cows in the mountains of Northern Iran, without any access to electricity, gas or phone. Married at a young age to an older man, she's long been a widow, and none of her 11 children ever come to visit. But she enjoys her solitary life in harmony with nature, and won't hear the well-meaning advice from nearby villagers that it's maybe time to retire. No matter the difficulties, this indomitable woman will always choose her hard-won freedom over comfort among people.

Iran|54:00|Yaser Talebi

Six teenage boys in a remote village decide to work in the village cages to rent an 8 mm PROJECTOR from a tour guide in order to raise the money they need to rent a PROJECTOR.

Iran|15:00|Hasan Najmabadi
Before Darkness

An Afghan woman hides her child in her bag because she does not have enough money to take her across Iran’s border. In the middle of the way, her plan is exposed. She has to make a difficult decision.

Iran|17:24|Mosayeb Hanaei

Akram and Azar two sisters lie about the disappearance of their brother by telling everyone he has fled to Germany. As time goes by, however, the “lie” turns into “reality” in Akram’s mind, so that she believes her brother will come back.

Iran|01:37:00|Kaveh Mazaheri
White Clad

A grandma gives Ahmad, a ten year old boy, a cake of cheese, so that he can give it to his father, who is a teacher. His father should intervene and stop them from hanging grandma’s son.

Iran|19:37|Reza Fahimi
Shutter Gun

It's about war in point of a child's view.

Iran|4:30|Ramin Rastad
The Breaths of A City

This documentary is about the pollution of the most industrial city in Iran...

Iran|23:00|Mohammad Talebi