ASIA International Film Week


Cage Between Two Battles

Cage is the story of the transformation of a nationalist and macho man, defeated by the system, trying to heal the traumas of the war in his soul with other wounds, in the graveyard of the orphans, against the backdrop of a misty, cold and poor Istanbul.

Turkey|01:23:00|Cenk İzgören

Dreams Live in Trees

Inspired by true events which took place in 1978 when Italy became the first country in the world to abolish mental asylums. Upon a closure of a “lunatic asylum” in Florence Anja returns home into the care of her brother Ettore and his wife Lisa.

United Kingdom|01:52:34|Marco Della Fonte

Empty Perfumes

Its about a woman who wants to create a new world for herself.

Iran|01:27:32|Bahareh Rahnama


Raha Afghan girl returns to Iran with immigrant family to escape Afghan men's false tradition.

Iran|01:35:15|Yaser Ahmadi, Behrooz Bagheri

Universe Zone

In the post-apocalyptic and restricted Zone, Misha, an idealist naive dreamer, risks his life to collect memories of loved ones from abandoned ruins of the Zone.

United Kingdom|02:01:06|Alexander Sadreddini