ASIA International Film Week



As winter arrives at the end of the year in a small town on the south-west of the Yangtze River. People gathered to ring away the old year and ring in the new, but a woman’s unexpected departure changed everything. Woman’s lover went on a journey to find the missing partner, inevitably changed three groups of people’s lives in a chain reaction. In the seemly coincident that in fact linked to one and other, an forgotten mystery unveiled.

China|01:49:00|Elain XU
The Life We Know

The film follows the agricultural cycle in Portugal’s remote inland, between the rivers Douro and Tâmega, and the life of two sisters who spend their days tirelessly toiling the land for subsistence.

Portugal|01:22:31|Cláudia Ribeiro
The Road to Eden

A retired writer, Kubat Aliev, is living his last days as a famous and poor writer in a society increasingly concerned by wealth. A widower, he has no children and his only wish is that literature continues to bring enlightenment to his small and disillusioned nation. He sees the possibility of a continuation in his friend, a younger and an equally talented writer, Sapar. However, Sapar is very ill and is in need of an expensive treatment. On the day that Kubat decides to sell his apartment to save the bed-ridden writer’s life, he learns his own younger businessman brother is beaten up by collectors for debts. Kubat finds himself torn between his overwhelming desire to save the sick writer’s life and the pressure to help his kin.

Kyrgyzstan|01:56:40|Bakyt Mukul, Dastan Zhapar Uulu
The Way Home

Dremedrema is the tribal chief heir of her tribe. She is the eldest daughter, therefore, she must accept her inheritance of the position and status according to tradition. But her mother and children hope that she disavows the obligation. Even Dremedrema herself has run away from her tribe once. And there are many other familie’s members who have their eyes on the position. But her ancestral spirits would not give up on her. She is a tribal chief who doesn’t speak the native tongue. At the same time she is a devoted single mother of three. She is a chief without a family house, unable to live within the tribe. She misses home. But despite ten years of effort, it is a home that she cannot easily return to. A female tribal chief’s arduous journey to heed the call of her ancestral roots.

China·Taiwan|01:18:28|Elaine Wei

This documentary provides a rare window into the culture and daily life of a subsistence whaling community in Indonesia, which is fading under the pressures of globalization. It also portrays the hunts from the whales' perspective, as they face death at the hands of the whalers.

Japan|01:52:00|Bon Ishikawa
Tygyn Darhan

Tygyn Darhan, the leader of a prominent clan, follows the will of his father and aims to assemble the scattered clans and create a great union. But opposing leaders are not ready to share their power. When betrayal strikes, the spirit of war rises above Tuymaada Valley. Many challenges stand in Tygyn’s way, and only indomitable resolve can help him overcome them.

Russian Federation|02:24:00|Nikita Arzhakov

‘Palyad’ is a story of a family comprising grandfather, Mahadu, his widowed daughter-in-law, Lakshmi and her young son, Shambhu. This family belongs to ‘Smashan Jogi’ community, who traditionally, assist people in carrying out the last rites of their loved ones and live near crematorium. Head of the family, Mahadu strongly believes in this traditional work of cremating people with age-old ritual and expects young Shambhu to carry on this tradition forward once he grows up, just like his late son did. However, Shambhu hates this traditional work of cremating people, instead, he is interested in donning a school uniform and attend a local school. But education is forbidden for Smashan Jogi community in this bigoted village where village head considers superstitious, religious beliefs above progressive human endeavors. Shambhu attempts

India|02:12:10|Shailesh Bhimrao Dupare
The Way

13 years ago, Jane Arcs was condemned to death after brutally killing her opponent in a underground street fight. Now, in just 24 hours, Jane will be executed for her crime. During her 13 years on Death Row, Jane has undergone a major evolution under the tutelage of a fellow inmate and Qi Gong Master Xin, learning the way of Qi Gong and ostensibly gaining supernatural abilities. As the day of her execution arrives, Jane embraces her punishment in the spirit of transformation. Max Stone, Jane's boyfriend as well as correctional officer and part of the execution tie down team, has very different ideas. He is willing to do anything to save Jane. Will he kill others to save her life? Or will Jane help him to see the light and to let her go? The Way, climaxes as the essence of spirit collides with the raw power of desire, ultimately bring the audience full circle in seeing how both are essential to being human.

United States|01:30:18|Dastan Khalili (DGA)



Iran|01:15:00|Milad Mansouri

Iran|01:35:53|Salar tehrani
Iwianch,the Devil Deer

Ecuador|01:27:00|José Cardoso
Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids

Philippines|01:10:17|Vincent Soberano
Beach dream

Iran|01:33:00|Arash Sajadi hosseini
The Road to Eden

Kyrgyzstan|01:56:40|Bakyt Mukul, Dastan Zhapar Uulu

India|01:51:52|Bobby Haobam

Iran|01:37:00|Kaveh Mazaheri

Iran|01:23:00|Mohsen Enayati

Japan|01:40:00|Kenjo McCurtain